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 A group of friends who embark on a comic adventure of greed and revenge. Along the way we get a glimpse into the shady underworld of New York City. Filled with incompetent gangsters, small-time con artists, a genius lesbian, and criminals with a conscience.


  Mabel Sheridan is greedy. She’s a high-ranking civil servant who uses her position to extort a fortune from the people with whom she does business. She’s been in power so long she doesn’t even notice which body she’s stepping over to get what she wants.


  Tommy Gallagher is a contractor who wins a bid to do a construction job for the agency Sheridan runs. When he becomes the target of her latest shakedown scheme, he refuses to give in and she cheats him out of his last payment of $300,000 — not a wise move when dealing with an almost-reformed Irish bad boy from Hell’s Kitchen.


  Diane Pfeffer is a childhood friend of Tommy’s. Her company has the contract to oversee Mabel Sheridan’s computer system. One day during routine maintenance Diane finds out that Mabel has a secret… which soon provides Tommy with just the leverage he needs to set in motion a humorous plot to take her down.


  Add to the mix a colorful cast of friends (some of whom have more than a passing acquaintance with the less-than-legal side of life), and the game is on. Object: get even with Mabel Sheridan by stealing from her the “retirement” fortune she herself has stolen over the years.


  But even a savvy bunch of cons may find reason to fear they’ve gotten in too deep. An old school Mafioso finds out about the money and tries to take it for himself.       Suspense heats up as the stakes are raised, but the comic element never fades. Everyone  might have the same information, but they aren’t seeing the same picture.

What ensues is an entertaining romp through the world of cons, scams, and unexpected fetishes — all leading to a surprise conclusion.